Protect yourself and your coworkers without the headache!

Own a coworking space or business or are you responsible for keeping your customers’ personal data safe?

Feeling some apprehension about achieving GDPR compliance regulations and privacy laws?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation has fundamentally transformed how businesses handle personal data.

 Any business that does not follow these new norms may face severe  fines. 

Yet many coworking spaces and businesses do not have the workforce nor the funds or expertise to implement this successfully.

With the Cowork Tools GDPR Module you can have your own compliance officer at a fraction of the cost. The GDPR Module also offers expert information to help you understand what GDPR compliance should look like within your space or business.

Why choose the GDPR Module?

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Services we offer

Simplify GDPR compliance for your business

Fast and easy onboarding that keeps your business compliant and saves you time and money

Best audit offer

Expert guidance when you are facing an audit

Organise customer records

Generates the code and documents you need to ensure that your policies and procedures are compliant and up to date.

Disclosures for customers etc. , are all included in the package along with privacy policy, data retention and processing documents, cookies, records of processing and reporting. 

Who needs to be GDPR compliant?

The following questions can help you determine if you are under the jurisdiction of the GDPR:

Do you have users or subjects in the EU?

Do you collect or process any personal data from those users or subjects?

Do you target residents of the EU or are residents of the EU part of your intended market?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to comply fully with the GDPR.

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