Cowork Tools




Our Mission

We see all around us that collaboration is the new competition. We are swimming in a sea of new options, technologies, opportunities. From simple beginnings, independent coworking spaces have grown to become the largest in the sector by every metric: By square meters, by number of coworkers, by revenue, we are the largest and most important player by far.

Independent coworking spaces offer a welcome home to professional business, a place they love to work. And we also offer professional, well run spaces, a place your business can be proud to be a member of.

Who has the time to find or develop the tools that enable them to deliver the high level service and personal touch that their coworkers expect? How do you automate what should be automated to give you the time for the personal, community based collaborative approach that is the basis of this unprecedented growth in the first place?

We do. That’s what we do, we bridge the gap between high touch and high tech, so you can dance in the spaces between.

Our Vision

Cowork tools is a joint initiative of the European Coworking Assembly, Exodus Services and Velvet. What we share is our drive to create innovative solutions enabling freelancers, small businesses, and medium businesses to grow and do business at a high professional level, without having to change the unique personal character that makes them who they are. From a one person operation to a distributed team of 35 operating from all over the world, you know that no one else can do what you do like you do. We agree.

Our Values

High Tech High Touch Coworking: Automation and a personal touch.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Mid-Market players also have complex needs but have in the past not been considered to need or offer the same level of care.  Because of this, they can wind up fully relying on automated assistance or on communication automation to try to connect the dots.

The future is Enterprise level service delivered with the heart of small business.

Meet Our Team

Alex Zelinsky

A developer-turned serial entrepreneur, currently developing multiple cross-border / cross-platform fintech solutions. Fully believes that the financial sector is outdated in the realm of international transactions, and that blockchain is the tool to fix it.

Alex have created over 10 different businesses with varying degrees of success, and can say with certainty that knows at least 15 ways a business how not to run a business, but even more how you can.

His passion is finance, hard skills are in tech, and if anything can be automated, he’ll make sure it is. In Alex opinion, life is too short to do manual work.

Jeannine van der Linden​

principal of St European Coworking Assembly, Managing Partner of Open Coworking, and founder of De Kamer, a collaborative coworking community with eight locations in the Netherlands for small business, nonprofits, cultural and arts organisations, who seek to drive the economic engine with the new fuels: collaboration, communication, community. She is also trained as an American lawyer.

Julia Reider

whose genius for combining human-centred customer service with rigorous protocols is the centre of our GDPR module is dpo at Evolution Gaming and dpo consultant at Velvet.li. She is also a mentor for New Door, the International Social Entrepreneurship accelerator and co-owner of Koshermann’s Organics

Bernie J. Mitchell

For over a decade Bernie has been building and participating in business communities, networks and Coworking spaces. He has been teaching Coworking spaces on how to create thriving business communities through podcasting, seminars, events, skills and workshops.