Online Payment Platform

Easy Online Payments for coworking spaces and collaborative projects

With this platform collaborative payments are easy, fast and secure.

Make multi-currency payments, using the security of escrow, and send and receive money for your work, sales and projects, on your terms.

Why is it the best decision you can make?

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With this online payments platform you can:

Take control of your project payments

Seamless payments and multi-currency for real global business. You set the payment conditions that work for you.

Run multiple projects without the hassle

An unlimited number of participants and collaborators can be paid or can take part in a project.

Make easy payments

We offer the following payments:  SWIFT Transactions, and Instant SEPA payments.  Instant SEPA payments are processed in up to ten seconds –  the easiest and safest ways to transfer funds.

How does it work?

Register and onboard yourself and team members on our platform.

Collect payments in one place. Anytime, anywhere with no delay.

Set the time frame of money distribution for a project in advance to avoid disputes.

Send and receive payments to multiple team members according to your agreement with them.

Money is only paid out to the team 1) according to the terms agreed upon in advance -- no after the fact renegotiations -- and 2) after everyone on the team confirms that this has happened -- so no bullying or power plays

Who needs the Velvet online payment platform?

coworking spaces

coliving spaces


The online payments platform can also be used by:

International project founders

Multicurrency projects

Influencers and collaborators


Remove first companies and employees

Revenue share projects

Events coordinators

Project managers

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