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Your coworking community deserves your space to be Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Accessible (IDEA)!

That is why the European Coworking Assembly created a workbook to guide you through the process of making and IDEA space!

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Coworking is built on five key values: 

For our community to make sure we are guided by these values and informed by them in our decisions, we need to ensure that all of our members know exactly what these values entail and how to go about implementing them.

Coworking is working towards creating communities that are inclusive and allow people to bring their whole selves to work in the space.

Sign up be the first to receive this booklet in September

We know that implementing IDEA into a coworking space can feel overwhelming, with so many things to think of and carry out. 


This workbook will help you build, nurture and sustain a diverse, inclusive and fully accessible community. 


It is divided into four sections that are designed to help your space grow and foster your IDEA strategy. It also includes a cheat sheet,as well as  links to valuable tools and resources. 


It guides you through the process at your own pace and it can help you connect with others in your community. It is aimed at everyone in the coworking community, from owners to managers. 

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